Summer rolled right over us and despite the despair of a catastrophic euro drama looming, some great fun was had here in SE8, not least during Nestival at the Birdsnest pub. YT clipped on sports cameras to mic stands and atop teetering PA’s, capturing some of the great bands playing. To help ensure listenable audio, took the trouble to record sound separately which required a bit of post event compositing.

It all started with Harmergeddon’s great performance on stage2 and we were lucky to catch them as a cool beer had proved a distraction outside..!

Babar Luck introduced the latest World Citizen Folk Band line-up in some glorious sunshine outside in the acoustic tent.

We were very keen to catch a rare performance from Jack Blackburn and The Conformists but before setting up the stage sound Jon Le Champigon popped out for a change of environment to play flute, sing and strum guitar for us all!

Rapscallions AKA The Conformists played a great short selection of new and familiar songs, hey hey London!

These should have been uploaded to the Tallbastard channel where we have nearly 300 subscribers so perhaps we can get them listed there as well soon.

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