chalineoperator02 chatlineoperator01At least a couple of angels monitor the SPC resources on behalf of the many whom host media, meddle with code and drink tea.

As of May 1st 2018 we will be working at Coopepys in Daubeny Tower SE8 3QN. It’s from here we will continue to experiment with MAZIzone prototypes and co-ordinate the Creeknet pilot. The FODC sandstorm server and other experimental servers will be hosted at OPS (Old Police Station).

We revisited ArtHub on Creekside recently to review and improve wireless coverage throughout the studios on 3 floors. We also support the studios in Woolwich near the Thames Barrier Centre.

Demand for broadband at the Birdsnest pub is hard to keep up with so we are seeking improved service.. still no fttc here. At Creekside Discovery Centre just down the road we have recently fixed remote connection to the ‘onewire’ environment sensor system in the creek and continue Mazi development. We are testing a mesh network here which to links homes in Crossfields estate.

Deptford Housing Coop network serves well over 100 coop members. SPC installed the structured wiring interlinking 15 houses and the communal event space/office in 2003. A new fttc service now serves dhc01 to 08 and the original BT service for h09 to h15. The final installation will provide fast broadband to dhc17 -24. Control UBNT | Tough


The Old Police Station Deptford inherited a building wide network which serves the 26 studios and shares a high quality broadband service from RedRaw Internet and easy connection via extra access point in the building. An OMV server there offers a wide range of services; ftp, daap, calibre, and owncloud.

In 2015 we began working with New Cross Learning centre and helped them upgrade to fttc broadband and improve access adding a further 4 linux PC’s to the existing 10 public workstations, NAS  and CCTV to improve security in the space. More recently we helped to add two disabled access PC tables with similar computers.

SPC continue working with Space Studios to install and improve on existing access @ Triangle, Martello, Victor House, Eastway Laundry and Brickfield Studios – 2 5 ubnt and Sandcat.

MayDayRooms has a building-wide wireless [2|3|4|5] network which hosts a NAS server alongside document scanners, media editing and archive catalogue. Limited broadband in FleetStreet makes it hard for those relying on external services. Local servers present Sandstorm and a custom