5ghz link out to the square

DDBC spent a string of longs days outside Cambridge Junction to help construct the exhibition of Collusion Commissions 2019, in time for a preview on 11 April.

This huge effort of will and organisation has resulted in a public spectacle of action and imagination, presenting research outcomes and rewarding creative collaborations.

The Bitcoin memorial totem stands centre square of four neo-industrial units, a ‘digital hamlet’, containing all the commissioned works, which opened for public access Friday 12th April, then each day until the end of Easter Monday, 22nd.

Each of the commissioned works articulates insight onto aspects of AI systems, augmented experience and hybrid media that’s fun to explore, rewards participation and is easy to appreciate. Local press and TV joined us for a few hours on the windswept square followed by sponsors Cambridge Consulting and ARM with invited guests for beer and cake! Over 1500 people visited over the 10 days, we recorded some of the daily footfall here.

For all involved it’s been a year long challenge to focus first on a research process that responded to the aims of the commission, then identify suitable material for public exhibition.

For DDBC this has meant some deep digging into Blockchain insertion and extraction techniques, modulation of text to speech systems for open research interaction and record keeping. Messages recovered from the Bitcoin blockchain are being sifted into 8 channels for vocalisations of Hello- World, Love, Faith, Shout-outs, Tales, Poetry, Adverts, and Memorials.

Over a 1/4 million bitcoin transactions contain text insertions, a trend started by Bitcoin originator Mr Satoshi with his message in the genesis block. Can you find it there?

Each message needs review and categorisation to be spoken at the totem, more than our modest team could achieve alone. Much as any recovered archaeological artefacts need cleaning and sorting before the origin and intent can be claimed, so we invite you to visit and support the rediscovery process.

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