On a recent visit to Ilford, YT got up to the top floor of Redbridge Town Hall where SPC are currently re-igniting the legacy network infrastructure with high speed fibre broadband and wireless access for Spacestudios.

Refurbishment work is underway throughout the building not least at ground floor level with large gallery space and refashioned entrance ramp ready for mid October. Inside there are two floors of newly available studios for local artists as well as Spacestudio artists, to secure a suitable workspace out east in this impressive building.

Loyane’s Bianchini‘s exhibition of artworks on show at The Cello Factory in Waterloo, were created during a Zsuzsi Roboz scholarship at Morley College. Throughout the year she was free to take any course to work with different materials and test new methods. This resulted in a range of print, fabrication and imaging experiments with metalwork, augmented reality and photogrammetry artefacts.

When we next meet again it will be at CSM 3D to define some ‘Digital Markers’ with Kings Cross communities.. much as we worked on together in Brazil with Reverso in 2017, more on all this later!

On Saturday 21st September it’s this years Selce AGM and 5th birthday, a Salsa Solar’bration (please!). Get your ticket now..

Each year the coop members, directors employees, volunteers and friends all meet up to discuss future plans to celebrate the progress of renewable energy work and share ideas. The seven school roof solar arrays in Lewisham and Greenwich will shortly be redoubled with a further seven community installations. Don’t miss out on this upcoming opportunity to invest in this South East London Community Energy success story.

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