James Stevens

James is the founder member of SPC and lives with his family in Deptford SE London.

Deckspace rooftop studio closed at end of April 2018 but a new SPC lab ‘Uniform’ opened in June at the Old Police Station Deptford, where subscribers continue to enjoy diy web, mail and media hosting alongside a bramble of production experiments and collaborations in progress.

Whilst directing operations at web boutique Obsolete in 1996 he launched Backspace, the proto cybercafe on Clink Street, London Bridge. It was a response to conversations with Heath Bunting on the needs for an accessible place to explore creative networking and critical media in public.

Whilst fitting it out with artist Tim Cook it was modelled online by Dorian Moore and became touchstone to a thousand web coders and inventors, inspiration for the technology spaces and businesses that boomed in the years that have followed.

James teamed with Julian Priest in 2000 to present wireless network primer Consume which advocated the open wireless networking that today thrives at OWN based in Deptford SE8.

Conceptual and pragmatic influences fuse to accommodate the needs of those close, then seeks out new opportunities for cultural stimulation and transformation. Environmental and interior design, live music production and event management, database development and opensource advocacy, free networking and public access media, community development, gardening and baking all continue to texture and test his mettle.

1980 BA degree – Interior Design @ Kingston Polytechnic
1982 Vis-A-Vis – Design practice
1985 Music Management – Cardiacs
1989 Brag – Live music booking agency
1992 Euro MA – Image Synthesis and Computer Animation
1993 MIT – UK non linear video edit training and hire
1995 Obsolete – Web boutique and design partnership
1996 Backspace – Proto Cybercafe in London Bridge
1998 SPC – Defines abbreviated ‘space’

2000 Consume – Wireless network primer UK
2001 Deckspace – SPC media lab in Borough Hall, Greenwich
2003 Boundless – Broadband network coop – Deptford
2004 Gifspace – Wireless Wednesday Workshop – Deptford
2005 Bitspace – Community computer clinic – Greenwich
2008 OWN – Open wireless network for SE8 and SE10

2010 Technical collaboration and outreach in raft of local community projects supporting media arts, shared workspaces, co-oporative housing, public galleries, event spaces and private dwellings.
2014 reSync – collaboration with A.Hadzi explores mobile synchronisation and promotion of media.
2016 MaziCreeknet is the DIY networks of Deptford Creek – CAPSI – Horizon2020
2017 SELCE – director at South East London Community energy.
2017 Reverso – Distributed Spaces at CSM and in Sao Paulo favelas.
2018 Doomchained – Collusion Commission for 2019 exhibition
2018 Uniform – SPC network media lab.

Enthusiasm for social exchange characterise many aspects of this work, never shy to facilitate the grand ambitions and support embryonic efforts of others with patience, experience and resourcefulness. He continues to interweave many threads into a self-sustaining infrastructure, supporting domestic and public life in continuity with family, long term collaborators and fresh interactions alike.

Telegram : +44 7973318881
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Uniform @ Old Police Station, 114-116 Amersham Vale, London, SE14 6LG.
SPC is a trading name of Slacktivist Ltd.