As consequence of changes to health and safety in public buildings Greenwich Council have insisted on immediate closure of the projector suite of Borough Hall so as of Monday 22nd January 2018 the active use of Deckspace has ceased.

We spent a very tiring but most enjoyable weekend with friends and supporters, subscribers and desperate voyeurs, cherry picking out treasures and decanting them all to Bitspace on the first floor. Too busy to really document everything but here are some action images of those final hours at least! The Antenna array will have to go as well, ending a long phase of high speed internet and distribution of access throughout SE8 and SE10.

Deckspace media lab opened in the spring of 2001 in leafy Greenwich, a full year after the close of proto cybercafe and first SPC place ‘Backspace’.

Subscribers soon made their way and before long enjoyed the increased altitude and meddling potential. Now 17 years on it continues to offer unique position in the heart of south east London, working space to foster creative interests and social interaction.

devilscoachhorseThe contrasts couldn’t have been more extreme; far from the thronging of Clink Street and out of reach for all but the most ardent initiates. There are incomparable views from the roof and a unique setting in the Deco projection suite of Borough Hall (circa 1938) alongside principal tenant Greenwich Dance.

You are welcome to visit; Borough Hall, Royal Hill, Greenwich. London se10 8re. Just 5 min walk away from Greenwich rail and DLR, only two stops from London Bridge.