Deptford Housing Coop

Deptford has a diverse population of origins and orientations many of whom are represented in this centrally situated housing coop, DHC .

dhcyardIn 2005 Tallbastard and San of SPC spent too many hours dragging cables through their many lofts to enable coop wide network sharing and distribution of broadband via wireless access points in each of 15 multi occupancy houses. The network now serves all coop members, many with multiple devices connecting.

The current BT-FTTC service runs at 74mb/s-12mb/s and is distributed from a local PC running ClearOS. The wireless is monitored using a UBNT controller that allows for additional detail and information about the network to be collected and shared.

Its a successful installation we continue to develop and maintain with a hundred or more individual users each day. Further services for the local network are being prepared for addition in the new year.