Here are a few subscriber projects where YT has been able to offer support creative development to customise simple tools that enhance their public representation.

James Braddell AKA Funki Porcini first dropped by Obsolete 1995 to introduce himself and his work, a very different time to the one we all now inhabit. None of us anticipated quite how the experimental approach we took to networked media, shared resources and critical thinking then would continue to inform on our lives and practices 25 years on.

Things 2016 was the first website that James has made for Funki Porcini that we refreshed together recently. It collects together all his record releases, artworks and films, those released through Ninja Tune and later his own Uterus Goldmine.

We wanted to identify a process of working that would not present update difficulties and flexible enough to accommodate new ideas. Each release or public activity can be added in CMS blog form that can be extended to hold the next things!

Studio59 is the latest album so do listen to it and check this review!

Pete Gomes called up to tell me Gareth Watkins and friends would be enacting The Hamlet Machine during Bloomsbury Festival 2019 and did we have a 360 degree camera? Sure, so we visited and dropped it in amongst the performers whilst they drilled their process. Senate House has been getting a lot of attention recently for its austere exterior and deco interiors, the Crush Hall was a stunning setting.

Over the weekend Jerneja Rebernak invited me to join a waterside workshop with the Planetary Institute where she would talk us through the mechanics of her pocket lab which utilises the Mazi toolkit. It frames research into shoreline flooding that forms part of MA study at The Bartlett Institute, on show there from Thursday 3rd December.

We used our smart phones to connect up to the inbuilt hotspot which then presented a selection of prepared repositories for environment sounds, images and reflections on the topic of rising water levels that will effect us all before long. Any recordings we made or images of our walk were easily uploaded to these shared libraries over fast WLAN to the built-in storage so useful group interaction possible without need for broadband uplink, keeping stuff local.

Looking at the flatlands around the river Lea at Cody Dock, it is not hard to imagine how rising tides will recapture this ground all too easily. We met briefly with Simon, project leader for refurbishment and development, who lives in a barge at the dock and knows all to well how precarious life is on the waterways and the dangers we face as climate continues to change.

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