Latest steps to prepare the sponsored EX Networks server so it’s ready for exploration of blockchain scraping techniques have been successful. The DDBC project now features it’s own version of MFTM and BlockSci, both provide tools to unpack individual block transactions to further evaluate the contents in our search for human reviewable materials.

Next we must improve on these techniques to unpack clustered transactions that we expect contain more complex data types, images, sounds, code as well as more lengthy texts and patterns. Time has got away from us these recent months, so we are now under pressure to engage developer assistance for extraction and representation of discoveries. Experimental Nodejs, C++ and Python code drive this process , all skills in high demand. All this toward a spring 2019 Collusion commissions exhibition.

As the MAZI Creeknet pilot draws to a close, SPC has been negotiating with contributors and connection suppliers in the local area. Together we will synchronize with existing mesh network hosts in SE8 to bring latest infrastructure elements into play in conclusion of the three year pilot process.  An additional set of Ubiquiti mesh radios are being installed during October to extend fast network access along Deptford Creek for the use of all, not least so that the distributed spaces along the creek enabled by the Mazi toolkit can link up to share outcomes.

Next generation Internet will feature crypto-enhanced distribution and retrival forms of peer exchange. Popular media resources, specialist interests and social services all seek the continuity and open accountability blockchain technologies offer but there is a long way to go before widespread understanding and adoption.

Meanwhile attention has turned again to WWW innovator Tim Berners-Lee and recent launch of Solid – social linked data, for building decentralized social applications – check the public page for uniform. YT still favours Sandstorm for day to day ease of deployment, hands off maintenance and great adaptability, perfect for slackers – but lets stay open minded eh..

Edinburgh is altogether atop of Arthur’s Seat!

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