The recent MAZI visit to Edinburgh concluded with an all day Symposium: Do-It-Yourself Technologies for Action and Empowerment – Thursday 18th October in the old Veterinary School, Summer Hall.

We welcomed many friends, guest speakers and local networkers to celebrate a most productive and pleasurable week of workshops, review MAZI toolkit development and acknowledge collaborative progress.

Our week began with a workshop session co-ordinated with the Unmonastery pilot group and IR11 to host an all day testlab in the old Coop store on Pennywell Street in Muirhouse. A mix of resident artist, visiting engineers and local academics shared in Raspberry Pi unboxing, software exploration and collaborative configuration sprint, to establish a dozen fresh ‘Mazizones using the MAZI toolkit.

Some of us met again after lunch on Sunday at Skylight bar inside Tolbooth Market off the Royal Mile. We were introduced to the partners of a new co-working space in one of a set of rooms, around a courtyard, being reconfigured as food market and social club. They were very keen to investigate network publishing and membership co-ordination options to encourage data sharing, creative collaboration and improved sense of involvement in the new venture.
On 16th and 17th October, MAZI consortium hosted two days of public workshops in the Summer Hall, where everyone had time to work through the options for setting up and customising the toolkit to suit their particular project or method of working.

We were all stretched to feed the needs of such an energetic and enthused group each day. So many ideas and interventions underway the air was thick with brainwaves and network intensity!

Some also took time out to personalise their Raspberry Pi cases and hear more from award winning artist entrepreneur Denise Allan of Wee Replicators pioneering use of recycled plastics for 3D drawing pens and printers.

Over all over 60 happy researchers took up the offer to continue working with a Mazi zone of their own, which we look forward to hearing more about in the months ahead.

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