This years SPC home page look came about due to some rich seasonal food and rare dive into basic Java scripting!

It’s the page presenting key links to the SPC lab work in progress or which we want to remind you of!

AMP – has evolved in response to use and exploration since it’s outset in 2016 when it was clear that the combination of willing souls and appropriate tools coincided to make such a prospect realistic. Activist media is being enriched with complimentary data using timebased and subjective recording methods to improve annotation of these hidden histories.


BAK – the first and most loved of the SPC spaces this pubic access media lab set the frame for so much that followed it’s closure in 1999.

UNI – Most recent and smallest of the SPC labs is situated in the infamous of Deptford buildings the Old Police Station on Amesham Vale, some claim is in New Cross. History can’t be denied and tells us New Cross is within Deptford!

OWN – The open wireless network has been rejuvinated as part of the MAZI work along Creekside so that researchers and contributors could better stay connected and utilise local broadband network infrastructures that their Mazi toolkits could link up to.

block stack hack

DDBC – This Collusion commissioned work in progress is due for exhibition in Cambridge early in April 10 days between 5-15th so please visit us there. Our research into blockchain insertion and message recovery has uncovered thousands of corporate communications and personal testimonies all of which will feature as voices from the past in our installation at centre of an exhibition village outside Cambridge Junction.

Reverso – We had a great response visit from Sao Paulo workers at the end of 2018 following our trip to their favellas in 2017. Work goes on here in Central St Martins and at locations around that huge city of cities in Brazil using the MAZI toolkit to co-ordinate social action and represent community culture of distributed spaces. Roll up, roll up get your fresh zones here!

Sao Paulo workers visit Pepys community Library family!
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