A harvest festival finale’ event for MAZI is scheduled in Edinburgh for October 18th. It will be preceded by Unmonastery testlab days in Muirhouse on 13th, 14th with Mazi workshops at Summerhall on 16th and 17th .

All are invited to participate in the MAZI making and to share in the information bounty in collective celebration of offline and complimentary networks. The network publishing toolkit runs on a Raspberry Pi and allows for flexible installation, customisation and innovative application of your activities. Contact the organisers at Napier and grab your selves a ticket to ride the waves with us all for a few days.

If you are already familiar with these small computers you might be pleased to hear about how to utilise the space on those pesky micro SD cards without handling them more than necessary. We use the Berryboot PI bootloader to swap between retro gaming, media jukebox and the Mazi toolkit. Alex has built up a definitive Pi OS repository of squashFS images to test out and deploy where you also will find the latest Mazi version awaiting you.

The collaborative and DIY working culture is very much the theme as those with shared studios increasingly feel under pressure to meet rising rents or move on out of town. So it was great to make a return visit to DIY space for London on the New Cross / Bermondsey boundary to pick up the PITPNXD T-shirts to discover new residents 1831 who have set up their custom embroidery machine in the old vinyl store. 

On a road trip back from visiting mum in a Surrey hospital, Google routed YT through Croydon (really), traffic then slowed me just around the corner from a new project space by David Panos where I was well overdue a visit, wow!

Conditions is a new one-year studio programme for 12 artists each year. It gives 24/7 access to studio space and structured critical conversations to develop artist’s work, as well as encouraging collaboration and collective work on exhibitions and events. All held in a custom conceived workhouse lovingly prepared by David and his collaborator Mathew Noel-Todd, Brighton Uni escapee. We all missed the August application deadline for this years intake, though I recommend a visit next time you are passing through.

This Antifamily LP he co wrote and produced over a decade ago is one of my favorites!


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