Outside in

Whilst sheltering from the harsh wintry weather of recent days it has been possible to prepare for a string of activities and events in March and April 2018.

Mazi partners at Napier University in Edinburgh have scheduled a free hands on workshop ‘hackathon’ during the Datafest 18.

Program Or Be Programmed: Investigates the implications of small data, local context and “Do-It-Yourself” technologies. YT and Mark Gaved of Open University will introduce the Mazi toolkit and co-ordinate with those attending to explore options and experiment with the tools already available.

Please join us at Codebase – 38, Castle Terrace. Edinburgh. EH3 9DZ. View Map Mon 19 March 2018 – 09:30 – 12:30 GMT and stay for the afternoon symposium till cake!

Just as soon as we return, Creeknet resumes weekly Mazi meet-ups and toolkit workshops at a chain of workplaces, homes and street based installations along Deptford Creek. Please check our Activity listing and get involved to find out more about DIY Networking.

Wireless Wednesday Workshops will move to Pepys Community Library on Deptford foreshore storehouse on the ‘odd’ side of the 1870 mansion blocks overlooking the Thames. So please bring over  your sick tech and explore this great space with us at the revised times 12 till 6PM each week.

It was over a decade ago SPC first posted proposals for the rescue and reactivation of PRC. Today the Xchange coalition of local interest groups have been opening and operating the library resource whilst preparing the basement for a broader program of socialisation.

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