Embarked on

This week DDBC visited Cambridge for the project launch of Collusion Commissions at the start of a year long development process.

DD|BC is a collaborative project to audit public blockchains and discover published materials, traces of experimentation, civic records, an uncovering and account of lives lived in the first age of crypto currency.

  “How will the 21st century be remembered? Beyond the financial hype, people around the world are embedding messages and memorials in blockchains to preserve them forever. Like the Domesday Book, the Doomsday Blockchain is the first project to carry out a systematic survey that treats this data as a historical and cultural medium. We are are excited to work with Collusion to create a system that allows people to participate in turning these technologies into a public medium for us all.”

We joined the four other commissioned artiststo meet with Ruskin fine arts, Cambridge Consultants and chip developers ARM to introduce each project plan. Collusion have commissioned development of five research projects for an exhibition in Cambridge spring 2019.

Each project expressed very different responses to the commission call and we spent a very enjoyable afternoon talking over some of the proposals for work and plans to exhibit the outcomes a year from now. We toured the superb facilities at Cambridge Junction and heard about the ongoing project activities at Collusion Lab, took turns to plunge into virtual 3D and Augmented Reality constructs, submit to the propaganda machine and discuss some of the finer points of each others plans.

Work now commences for us all to prepare and develop first stage research and production. In preparation YT spent a few hours setting up a Mazi Toolkit for offline use whilst in the session to start the annotation process.

During the train journey tutorial Daniella had a first look at the tools and our discussion was overheard and enjoyed by self confessed technophobe Alison, who was very keen to hear if these tools could improve on north sea communications and help her grok up on Raspberry Pi lore to impress her grandchildren.

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