Land scraped

Even as we continue the process of sifting and sorting decades of accumulated technology manuals, media periodicals and event ephemera, fresh material arrives for review and deserves acknowledgement.

The very latest arrived just yesterday from Simon Crab. His recent recordings are compiled on ‘Demand Full Automation’ which followed on from the ‘After America’ album of 2015. Both continue along the illustrious pathway carved out by Bourbonese Qualk which he and Miles Miles rounded off with ‘On Uncertainty‘ an age ago. All three present fine qualities of texture, rhythms and sonification for repeat listening whilst packing!

The Deckspace library has been boxed ready to shift out and the 8, 16mm, slide film, photo and print will join a mountain of VHS, Video8, Hi8, DAT and MiniDV CD, DVD and backup hard discs, ready to ship out.

Back in 2013, a Deckspace archive review was co-ordinated by Adnan Hadzi and YT, as part of Post Media Lab so we will be able to make more of this available, once an arrangement for it’s future hosting has been confirmed. Some custom made furniture from Obsolete studios (1995-1997) Backspace (1996-2000) and now from Deckspace (2001-2018) which have been constructed to fit in and around the old projection suite, all await transportation down the six flights and out.

Dozens of ancient web servers, screens and printers have already made it out for recycling but by the end of the month there will still be another stack to abandon here. Down in Bitspace and adjacent storeroom, there is still much work to do.

EC, sorted !

Exploding Cinema store their screening equipment and event booklet production archive here, alongside crates of power, network and AV cables. A massive cull of un-fixable, inactive and utterly useless hardware, PC peripherals, boxes of now obsolete wireless access points, microwave cables, antennas and worn out projectors from last 25 years will be heading to the skip.

Next Sunday 29th April SPC welcome all for a final viewing from the roof of Deckspace and ask your support and muscle as we shift packed boxes out to PCL . Thanks !

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