After months of uncertainty YT picked up the keys this week for the latest SPC lab which will provide the shelter and storage for the majority of the equipment and media evacuated at the close of Borough Hall. Its a second floor space in the Uniform room of the Old Police Station of Deptford.

SPC have maintained the policed legacy network infrastructure feeding all 45 rooms since it’s adoption by Temporary Contemporary a decade ago. Today it links to a Redraw internet gateway, over a long distance microwave connection at the Thames Barrier!

Our stack of boxes and racks of audio effects, switches and books still languish in the PCL vaults awaiting relocation, yet the first layer of network, catering and media playback equipment are already in place. We inherited some useful fixtures an fitting from the last tenant, a kitchenette and wooden flooring system. There are three outside walls and five windows so prepare to freeze come November. Everyone is expecting the place will be refurbished by 2020 so we hope to make full use of it until then.

Right now it’s light and airy with great views, come and visit soon!

Meanwhile DDBC group spent recent weeks dressing the Doomchained progress for review at Collusion. The Cambridge day trip gave us the opportunity to hear about the other commissioned artists and talk over work in progress. We are exploring the bitcoin blockchain for media artifacts, scaning for patterns of behavior to uncover some secrets and describe crypto-currency and blockchain development concepts at events and exhibition during April 2019. Some of that work has been jump started by Brangerbriz group who have recently uncovered their blockchain navigator at trade shows in the USA. Our research work continues throughout the rest of this year and will be reported here.

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