Cull truer

Passing by the Borough Hall yesterday, YT was amused to see the modest banner drop and massive section 144 notice alongside the Gentrification n definition, attracting much attention from passers by!

RBG have been slow to respond to the changes they themselves brought about by abrupt closing the hall at end of May, without any public plan for it’s future use or protection.

Now, those of us previously excluded so nonchalantly can watch on as a little wrestle of power commences. Our old keys are no use as entrances front a rear are well sitexed barricaded so let’s hope those inside have a longer term plan and resolve to hold out to have their fun.  The new residents will begin offering building tours for those bringing food and drink to share. Try knocking the door or singing “The Thieving Magpie” !

The 1938 ‘deco structure has many extraordinary features and failings but few will survive the next stage of it’s transformation, planned or otherwise so take a look. An occupation MAZI has been established for configuration by occupants so that passers by can now add their comments, voice opinions and express frustrations!

Over at the office building squat adjacent to the the Anchor and Hope Pub, the TAA show, has mostly packed up after a storming couple of weeks exhibition and events, despite police disruption of their modest plans for DIY entertainments.

Meanwhile we have become regulars at Coopepys the community arts space at the foot of Daubeny Tower. There will soon be a fresh timetable of print and publishing sessions to add to the weekly Monday and Wednesday painting club and high speed broadband has been switched on so that MAZI work interrupted during the transition can resume. Contact for information or check the SPC event timetable.

An initiative to record all the community artworks produced, is underway for compilation into a printed catalogue. Your painting, printwork or fabrication should be included if you made it at Coopepys anytime in it’s history, even if you keep it at home! Please bring it along one Monday or Wednesday evening or email

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