Xchange holdings

A fresh initiative from local residents has emerged, to reactivate the Pepys Resource Centre spaces of the Deptford Foreshore alongside the Thames and promote xCHANGE.

Pepys residents and long term co-coordinators of Coopepys have recently reactivated the Pepys Community Library and very spacious but under utilised basement spaces for social use.

At the other end of the block the Superintendents Storehouse, Deptford Foreshore SE8, is a mirror of the library and features a similarly appointed set of spaces also seeking reactivation for social uses and which have been left abandoned since the LBL craft resource centre was closed in 2007. Both places are in the hands of Hyde Housing and Coopepys join SPC in negotiations with their property department for a long term lease to accommodate a new community HOLD.

Coopepys  and SPC will hopefully be joined by Build the Lenox and SELCE, well known and respected social enterprises seeking early use of the HOLD.

The ground floor offices and basement vaults were integrated as craft resource centre and sailing club in the 70’s. Exterior access to the vaults is offered via a winch and stairs shown here. Profound darkness of the unlit spaces hasn’t yet made photography possible.

To suitably equip the establishment phase we have enlisted the help of Cobudget and Loomio systems both of which have been designed to support the development of community collaborations.

Here are a selection of foreshore images for now!

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