Its been a decade since we first spoke with Spacestudios regards facilitating artist studios with wireless broadband internet access and at last we are moving ahead with a schedule of installation starting in Fish Island , Hackney Wick area of east London.
whitebuilding01Last week TB cycled up the River Lee to the canal side of the Olympic Park at Old Ford lock where the first two studio infested buildings co-exist on Dace Road. The first, Britannia is three floors and 200m long with 55 studios. The second, Bridget Riley has four floors and 37 studios. Behind each blank door resides a striving artist or innovative group practice where you can get the impression that some just don’t get out enough! All are now keen to remain connected whilst working or at least ready to tap the network resources for supplies, materials and stimulation. Several just couldn’t wait and have gone ahead with their own broadband installation but in the main the new shared resource it is my task to install is just in the nick of time.

To speed things up further we made contact with anyone passing by in the long corridors and quickly tracked willing collaborators with under utilised broadband keen to offload costs and still remain connected. Advance research suggested FTTC Infinity etc would not be available but thankfully it now is and so both building will shortly be up and running with 16 access points between them 50/8 mb/s per building to work with.


The third building presented a different set of concerns confirmed as still only within range of low grade broadband service 5/0.6mb/s which really doesn’t share out so well amongst the 14 users therein. Cre-8 Life style centre opened this year as part of the London 2012 legacy and is just next door. They also need better broadband for their media training and production broadcast studios.. The more we look around the greater the demand rises.. The White Building completes the triangle of Spacestudios in the area and opened in 2012 in time for the games, also hosts Crate Beer and Pizza bar which draws a regular local crowd for the art eat and social events.

Between the three sites is Central books whom we called in on to make introductions and suggest an arrangement where they could host a high speed fibre connection to server the growing needs of all in the area an idea which they warmed to but we are yet to investigate further.

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