Why less FM?

Today we turned on the first of a series of low power FM transmitters to begin rebroadcasting our favorite online radio stations and personal audio playlists using MPD – Music Player Daemon.

We began with a tiny RaspberryPi PC running Volumio hifi audio player. Then we trawled our archives to bring together available usb drive, NAS and radio streams for transmission and will continue to extend resources and access to this pool.

a6-3enNext we patched in the FM transmitter and antenna we got on ebay several years ago for just £50 and set it all up on a rooftop in SE8.

Listening in we were pleased at the basic quality of the inbuilt sound card of the Pi despite a lot of hype about need for DAC add-on eg. Highberry we will keep it simple for now.

5wfmkitWhen next in SE8 try tuning your FM radio [if you still have one] to 103FM [variable] then visit the playback interface with option to build a playlist from the collection or select a internet radio station to re-broadcast. Since writing it’s now possible to broadcast a local FM signal with a Raspberry Pi

SPC regulars WirelesFM have recently uploaded all their radio archives to Mixcloud so we will certainly feature their shows alongside the many residual audio archives we hold. ResonanceFM have been using Airtime to manage schedules of pre-recorded material and switch to their live shows and public events using the control dashboard. Perhaps this is a bit more sane than our ad-hoc approach today but would you expect anything less? Ok we will look into running our own soon enough!

So why bother.?

In case you hadn’t noticed, mass media is a closed door to all but your ennobled lovelies, so don’t wait till the FM band only plays the same tune, polluted with adverts, predictable playlists and inane banter, make a station of your own and take to the airwaves pronto!

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