A decade on from DMZ festival at Limehouse Town Hall, SPC roll out the OWN exhibit once again in celebration of London Cryptofestival this coming Saturday 30th November @ Goldsmiths Uni, New Cross.
This time it will feature research and archaeological artefacts cored from the SPC servers, Flyer stash and old CDR’s reSynced in recent months of weekly workshops at Deckspace in Greenwich.

your electrosmog or theirs ?

At 2pm on Saturday a gathering of infrastructure self providers will meet up at the Cryptoparty for a fireside chat to exchange stories and acknowledge the phases of fruitfulness experienced by all involved in an ongoing effort to “take care of things”.

thanks to ; Mark Garret of Furtherfield.org, Peda and Ushi of Servus.at, An Martens of Constantvzw.org, Jaya Papaya of MayDayRooms.org and Rachel Baker of irational.org for their contributions.

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