Up Periscope!

amwnThis weekend YT will present a quick review of Consume.net at the Athens Wireless Metropolitan Network annual conference where members of the group will meet in Athens to celebrate progress and discuss future plans for development, wider inclusion and enhancements.

photo-4349amwnnode10636-150x150kidperiscopeUp Periscope! is a printed media campaign to run at street level which presents an opportunity for passers by to investigate AWMN and see the view from the rooftop of each node location eg. Senius 10636. Each poster presents a QRcode for easy linking to the many panoramic images stored on the WIND node database.

amwnnode10636‘can I see my apartment from here? …then there is a good chance of making a link back.’

So it is a tool for network builders to help identify viable locations to interlink with the free information infrastructure and promote AWMN. Over 1000 high speed wireless network nodes span Athens and across Greece, linking villages and cities alike.

YT and Adnan last visited Athens during New Babylon in 2014 and set out to introduce reStreet workshop group to the delights of file synchronization with SYNC and Syncthing, QRcodes and button badges.

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