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odi-logo-lgApplications for the ODI – Open data summer showcase were due today at 3pm and at the last moment YT, Alexei Blinov and Ilze Black conferred on proposals for a ‘Blockchain Scraper ‘ to reveal some of the media files and other unexpected data embedded in the bitcoin blockchain.

We are proposing a 3day hackathon event at Deckspace in September to experiment with a toolbox of filters and data processing techniques to scan for patterns and scrape data from the millions of record in the bitcoin public ledger of transactions. This data, revealling media, comments and bitcoin ephemera will then be presented publicly.

radiotunerResearchers have already uncovered a range of unexpected entries and we anticipate many more to surface as we dedicate energy to the scraping task. We also hope to construct an analogue instrument to sweep along the blockchain and project findings in realtime. Alexei has a vintage radio tuner to adapt and is confident we can attach it and drive a scrolling system!

On a more sober note, radio innovator and DJ, Don Joyce of Negativeland died this week. I think he would have been intrigued by some of these innovations to inscribe media to the commons rather than the grabbing hands of copywright lawyers. When we met briefly at Obsolete in 1996 he was still bruised from the U2 Debacle and anxious we didn’t follow a similar fate as we set out our www publishing model.

Someone nicked the CD out of the FairUse book he gifted us, so if that was you, please return it!

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