Tsepelovo test

YT is visiting the Unmonastery test lab in Tsepelovo near Ioannina for a week – 26th Oct till 2nd Nov. A small group of Greek and English speaking unmonks are here to support villagers building a Mazizone for the Platanos, a centre of attention in many mainland village squares.

Today was commemoration of the Greek entry into the second world war and this was acknowledged with a large gathering in the village square of residents and those who live elsewhere but still consider the village home.

The fresh Mazizone presented a message book so visitors can leave the tree a message for others to browse. A poster was pated up in spots around the area in taverna’s and shops inviting everyone to try the process and message the tree! We all had a great day meeting people and helping them find the Platanos wireless network to post messages and images of their day.

It’s the first step toward a more comprehensive interaction and information service for the village square. Our hope is that piece by piece we will be able to introduce some of the other Mazi tool options and stimulate interest in a range of activities around the needs of residents.

Unmonestary  has already made good contacts in the first week here and now they are receiving local publications, maps and other ephemera to bring together into a catalog/report

A new version of the Mazi toolkit is ready for release but it’s still short of the language versioning we had hoped for to help us get a version working in the local languages here in Greece and elsewhere Mazi toolkit is already in use.

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