abraamov1Simon Crab joined us at Obsolete web design boutique in late 1996 bringing with him a wealth of experience in music production and live performance not least from his electro-ethnic combo Bourbonese Qualk.

He arrived with a passion for macromedia director and made shockwave interactive objects for web pages. Before long he presented a personal project to host celebrating 120 Years of Electronic Music which he had been researching and collating. It continued to attract interest from enthusiasts from around the world until it lost it’s footing during recent refurbishment and now will be hosted at SPC.

Crab has also recently been collaborating with Larisa Blazic, sketching out a form for the Data Union initiative to express discontent and propose tactics contesting political nature of personal data in public use. Some interesting resources already listed there to get us going in advance of some more serious intervention and action on rights.

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