Subtle ties

‘SPC offers shared access to physical workspaces and networked resources by subscription.’

That’s a line written a decade ago that we believe still explains our offer and invitation to join us as we collaborate to keep the spaces accessible, delegate costs and share resources.

The Minesweeper hull will become a floating nature sanctuary in the creek

This year we have welcomed several new subscribers but it’s taken till now to introduce them and review their work here.

When the Minesweeper burned to the waterline in January 2017, there was almost total losses of equipment resources and materials for those who relied on the print lab access. Despite this tragic loss no person was injured and the collective have recovered their energy one way or another, finding alternative workspace and have picked up on their respective initiatives.

Kevin Seven, Jo , Alex and Alexandra all took up SPC subscription and currently make good use of the Deckspace medialab in Greenwich. It’s been a joy to share the lofty delights of the old projection suite with them and bring them into the mix there.

Kevin managed the screen printing lab and has worked hard to reanimate the workshop program. Thanks to the public generosity of so many, a fund was collected to help facilitate new print lab and equip it for the use of the collective but available space is scarce. Thankfully DIY Space for London were keen to embrace the opportunity and enlisted his energy and expertise to setup a printing facility at their great resource space just off Old Kent Road. go there and join, it’s just £2 !

Alexandra also had a boat moored by The Minesweeper and lost shore access as consequence of the fire. Her boat sits idle on the creek in the interim and perhaps her time on the river is over. She teaches media studies and maintains her research from a desk in the music room of Deckspace.

Alex lives in the squatted spaces locally and co-ordinates poster design, print and campaign initiatives that intervene on public commercial advertising with messages of truth, courting controversy and pressing issues that inspire fresh thinking.

Jo ‘s studio was in the pilots cabin on the deck of the Liftmore boat adjacent to the Minesweeper and suffered badly from the fire. The mass of water poured on the inferno during the attempted rescue, damaged artwork stored there not already scorched. He has been very busy elsewhere since setting up a working desk in Deckspace during the early summer. Where are you Jo?

Vytautas is a film maker and producer who first visited with Tom, Jim and Nathan during their subscription period in 2016. They worked together at that time to record a improvisational dialogue of accentuated relationship interactions, based as it were in real life and use of the space. Great viewing.. you will have to visit to get to see it!

Dave Baker has many online pseudonymous and is known for his  sessions on Creekside as well as prolific output as musician and media production. We cross paths late at night in Deckspace, his preferred time of day for creative experiment and music mixing.

We aim to cover operational expenses with the subscriptions and keen to sustain access and conviviality than pressing each other for fees. That said, your support and subscription is most welcome so please get in touch if you want to join us at work here or find out more…

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