You are welcome to take up subscription and utilise SPC, where experimental drive and creative energies are celebrated.

We currently have 100mb/s symmetrical broadband connection from Redraw Internet to our base at Deckspace in Greenwich SE London. Our silo of webserver and filestores had a hefty makeover thanks to recent subscriber initiative so we have some clear headroom and scope to facilitate the grandest of schemes as well as nurture the seeds of change !

xnameYou may have more specific requirements, so lets talk..! Please send an email to with an introduction, detail your subscription needs and we will get back to you promptly with the info. Any questions call James on 07973318881

Groups, institutions and projects pay £100 and Individuals £25 per month. Additional service and special assistance, attendance and training are provided by subscribers at £30 per hour and arranged on an assignment basis. We don’t distinguish between the skint or loaded, (we wish) all are welcome to broker time, skill share and subscribe!

We now also offer addhock Outreach support for those at work or at home who need support with broadband issues or help with mobile, laptop or desktop PC’s.

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If you prefer make your payment / donation direct to;
Greenwich : SPC
sort code : 400316
account number : 41488694

If you are setting up Standing Order or Money transfer please be sure to include your name or group.

Oh and thanks for that bag of cash you dropped off at reception!

SPC : Borough Hall, Royal Hill, Greenwich. London SE10 8RE