Son and See

Just as the sun shows signs of a return, assignments at SPC are stacking up! So what chance now of any holiday for YT even if we get some weather at last..

Yesterday YT spent the day at London Pleasure Gardens over by City Airport poking about with their fast fibre network and preparing the way for smooth running and flexibility of operations over the coming couple of years there.

Eclectic Productions are preparing for refurbishment of their network infrastructure and update of day to day operations at their offices at 441 New Cross Road and over at the radio studio in Peckham ‘The Hub’. SPC have been encouraging them to update their broadband link between the spaces so they can utilise some offsite back up and improve the exchange between sites.

Whitebuilding the latest Spacestudios adjacent to the Olympic Energy Centre officially opened last Saturday in a pizza, beery and noisy blur. Many hungry and thirsty punters thronged the canal-side as the buzz of sportsday helicopters swarmed overhead.

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