Scaling Heights

Never shy of an opportunity to take in rooftop view and shoot a fresh panorama TB visited several buildings in the last couple of weeks in the process of preparing for further wireless interlinking and collaborative interference.

Here first at Spacestudios base Triangle on Mare Street from where we hope to link up other studios in the Hackney area over the next few months.

warmington12013-4000Then up at Goldsmiths campus during setup for iVSA conference installation when we had an invite to return to the top of Warmington Tower where OWN/Redraw has an aging 2.4ghz infrastructure array.

A lastly a reminder of the top drawer fun we all had visiting Stubnitz whilst it was moored at various east end dockland locations 2012/13 and this view of George V dock from the top of the A mast.. some view!

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