On 11th July Maydayrooms held the first workshop primer at it’s splendid base in newly appointed 88 Fleet Street building. Culmination of 5 years careful preparation and a generous leg-up from Glass House Trust they have been able to secure a 10 year lease on the 4 floors above ground plus roof terrace with views over their immediate neighbours and stunning sights of the City.

‘A site for gathering, holding, and animating documents and idioms of dissent which continue to offer a critically productive and emancipatory relation to the turbulent present.’

With so much before them and yet more to comment on their current energies focus on the very pragmatic day to day operational issues not least setting up of the eight very differently oriented spaces therein. Identifying with the expectations and diverse interests of it’s dozen or so seed aficionados was Paula Graham of Flossie Collective.maydaykitchen4000Several hours of congenial post-it note collages and snack munching later had channeled the waterfall of preconceptions and witty interjections onto floor by floor notebooks with a resolve to reconvene in the next week or so to act on the insights gathered.

Fabian Tompsett, Pauline van Mourik Broekman, Howard Slater, Jaya Klara Brekke, Anthony Davies, Gillian Boal, Iain Boal, Grace Harrison, Paula Graham, Kate Lomax, Sidsel Meineche Hansen, Caroline Heron, Henry Tillotson.. snapped in the kitchen (4th floor) by James Stevens.

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