The summer rolled into autumn with a surge of energy and enthusiasm for creative practices and collective interests of many friends in the area. Deptford X offered a reminder of numerous artist  studios and activities of local initiatives that continue to question roles and experiment with ideas.

It was at the Wonky Prong gardens on Deptford Church Street we could see for ourselves how the seasons were changing with crops of corn, greens and beans ready for picking. Terry Edwards is the chief gardener here co-ordinates with other residents of Crossfields estate to tend the allotment for the pleasure of those passing by and living near. His Mazizone is in use as bird table camera which can be remote controlled to catch feeding and drinking activity by motion detection.

Along the Creek at Brookmill Park monthly meetings in the Park Rangers hut, friends agree on plans for spring planting and plan for Redstart Arts exhibition around the park during Deptford X.

Some wonderful paintings and drawings of birds on card boxes by Cash Ashpeeks students, decorated the arbors and fences of the park throughout the festival till rain dissolved them.

FODC have sprung into action following news that yard owner and artist John Cierach is seeking to upturn long term shore access arrangements in order to pursue development ambitions there and and at no3 Creekside. For many here the arrangements to moor and access the land will be tested as adjustments are made over the coming year. At their fortnightly meetings work continues to track conditions and build consensus for improved representation of the needs of mariners on the creek. See the growing collection of boat stories, histories and status reports at their wordpress blog

Veteran mariner Julian Kingston and YT met with staff of CSM 3d to hear their offer to get involve students in a recording initiative using photogrammetry that would capture the physical arrangement of boats along the Theatre Am of the creek using this 2d to 3d image manipulation technique. Similar work is underway in the suburban favelas of Sao Paulo where occupied housing projects are recording their environment and conditions.

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