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Paolo Cardullo presents OCTV in collaboration with James Stevens of SPC, an installation at the IVSA 2013 Annual Conference held at Goldsmiths, University of London July 08-10th and hosted by CUCR – Centre for Urban and Community Research. See the recently published paper in Open Science Framework


Alongside the panel Exploding Bentham’s scopic regime we invite visitors and panelists to actively engage in an experience of surveillance, curated by James Stevens. Six IP cameras in positions to view the conference delegates will be embedded into the info displays around Goldsmiths. Viewers switch channel and camera vision so to become controllers over the self surveillance network.
In this way, watchers become at the same time the watched ones in a loop of mediatic and maybe ‘real’ encounters. The installation invites participants to reflect on the possibilities offered by open networks and ubiquitous technology in the context of visualising public space with other people (strangers). To what extent would by-standers try to avoid video devices? To what extent are they involved in a performance, returning the gaze to the cameras?

Rob Canning has built a camera controller which transcodes each camera feed ready for embedding in the Goldsmiths information monitors where we will presentat OCTV. Conference delegates will see a poster about the installation featuring a qrcode (URL) to a page offering camera switch and inviting @octvivsa twitter stream comment. The cameras also post reports on motion detected.


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