Planet Merkle

Since first posting the Collusion proposal in Autumn 2017, Bitcoin and the fortunes of so many ICO’s have tumbled and turned. By the time we receive the initial stage funding, valuations of all currencies could well have been transformed again. We can be sure that this instability is far from over and in our own way we hope to introduce options for blockchain use to match high levels public interest and that suggest alternatives to currency speculation spectacle.

How are we going to progress quickly enough through the hurdles ahead, if we are to deliver on the plan? One that defines a spec for a doomsday blockchain that we can activate to record discoveries of human readable media and information lodged in the swell of public blockchains.

Distributed databases rely on the take up of interest and activity of peers, all of whom must share in verification of data that’s recorded however unconsciously. We are awash with tools to facilitate collaboration and iterate though we are yet to identify any set or system to readily adopt.

IPFS and the Blockchain are a perfect match! You can address large amounts of data and place the immutable, permanent IPFS links into a blockchain transaction. This timestamps and secures your files, without having to store the data on the chain itself.

Hello and Welcome to IPFS!

██╗██████╗ ███████╗███████╗
██║██████╔╝█████╗  ███████╗
██║██╔═══╝ ██╔══╝  ╚════██║
██║██║     ██║     ███████║
╚═╝╚═╝     ╚═╝     ╚══════╝

If you're seeing this, you have successfully installed
IPFS and are now interfacing with the ipfs merkledag!


Nothing here is that simple, so we are preparing ourselves for a difficult process and ready to improvise the design to hold the target in sight whilst we uncover the elements needed. Some of the key tools are to hand so we need to attune our senses to those emergent solutions for integration into our Doomchained pretotype.

Research into the published media materials accessible in the bitcoin blockchain has uncovered much of the low hanging prose and pastiche. Our hope is that a suitably redressed catalog of findings may well fit the basic brief but this isn’t the sole objective of our quest. We want to offer the invitation for all to contribute research results and be rewarded for the effort.

Local&&Ledger think tank meets occasionally to ponder aspects of community coin concept for local authority finance management. At our last get together in Raylab we explored the subject of how local authority expenditure could be augmented using a combination of proxy voting (Liquid Democracy) and distributed database systems where the act of engagement in decisions accredits community members and empowers them to influence part of the budget emphasis for social aims and cultural production. Only a small part of any council funding is available for such fine tuning as the huge majority is locked into civil administration and environmental management expenditure that have little scope for reallocation.

We really don’t know where this research and sleep walking may lead us but it’s already akin to the convolutions and paradoxes we learned to love in the Hitchhikers guide!

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