One contributor to the background noise up at Deckspace has been running a series of bitcoin mining experiments with GPU and then FPGA mining tools and has grown a modest investment into shape and now considering some broader collaboration options

With rate of difficulty to create each new bitcoin on a bender following deployment of the first ASIC units, a quantum leap is being forced on all those currently involved and wishing to continue the seeding of this revolutionary decentralised digital currency and banking system. With equipment costs also on the rise, individuals will find it increasingly hard to participate so shared mining solutions are emerging fast to accommodate demand. eg.

Our proposal is to set up such a mine by purchasing a bleeding edge hardware solution said to become available in September with a 400GH/s spec which will also heat up your palmhouse at 1KW/h. If you were lucky enough to own and run such a unit now it could be earning you 60 bitcoins a day! However they won’t land in the UK till late September early October by which time so much will have changed it will barely be possible to generate coins without such a beast. Therin lies the problem, layout cash now, advance order the hardware then sit back and wait for delivery as the difficulty of the task rises exponentially.

If you have been hankering to get involved and have been cursing yourself since the whole thing kicked off perhaps now is a moment to consider. Get one of 100 shares in our mine for a single bitcoin and join the ride along the next phase of investment. The order for the hardware will be made in the next week along with full non-refundable advance payment of £5k a fee no person need now face alone.

roll em..!

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