Mindless OS

picout_centre-php_Today we launched a fresh server in Deckspace and have again chosen ClearOS which in recent months has been a very successful solution in situations where we have growing demand for shared internet resources from communities. Basic telco broadband routers fail to carry the load of a busy network so we are pleased with this free and flexible alternative solution.

Deptford Housing Coop has a structured ethernet network which interlinks 15 of the shared houses and connected by two internet services. However, difficulties with broadband reliability and maintaining continuity of wireless access have proved difficult for various reasons. We often see over a hundred dhcp connections with some people greedy for speed whilst others are happy for basic access but all experience increasing need for access and feel frustrated when problems occur. We used ClearOS here to resolve BT fttc reliability and increased broadband redundancy using the second as failover.

Spacestudios operate a network of artist spaces in East London and SPC are co-ordinating building wide wireless installation and further development of the broadband resources. During the last year six of the eighteen studios have been equipped with fast broadband and hundreds of working artists now share network access and can look forward to further improvements and enhancements. We used ClearOS to build a router with multiple ethernet interfaces to manage office, studio and cctv networks at one space and the share of broadband between two building at another.

Our new server will manage the DHCP requests for connection from the LAN as well as host mail, web and fileshares both locally and publicly as required.

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