Mind blown

Today, YT began gathering together the many computer shells and scratched screens out of Bitspace, ready for recycling at ECO pick-up point in Crofton Library. A car load of relic iMac, TFT and legacy network hardware now awaits dispatch for disassembly, sorting and leaching of precious materials. 

The details of who, how and where all this work actually takes place remains mysterious as it does for all that paper, glass and aluminum supposedly recaptured in the growing collective effort to recycle something from the mass we dispose of so easily.

This wind of change continues to blow us around and about which of course we like, particularly when we are un-installing huge microwave parabolics on slippery rooftops. Redraw collected most of the stack this morning, for redeployment linking rural communities around the UK.

Up in the Deckspace stairwell, the rather larger pile of legacy web servers and more general trash await collection and with that our agreement with Greenwich Dance to clear up for safety’s sake will be complete. As for how much more needs to be done around the building to satisfy the borough insurer we can’t be sure and perhaps these expectations really cant be met.

Our current tack has to be more ‘suck it and see’ than scheming a future path, though recent viewings of alternative premises have gone well so far and we are hopeful of a yet more illustrious address than the Royal Hill we currently HOLD.

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