Mad reCapped

Kevinand RankineTB popped into the new Madcap warehouse off Norman Road in Greenwich to have a poke about and size up the work needed to prepare the place for use. There is more than enough space to hold anything Rankine can pull together in the few months of reliable tenure offered. This site, as most other on the Creek is now under huge pressure of redevelopment and can’t outlast the year.

PANO_madcaplabThe lovely big space is currently very dusty following years as an exhibition wood workshop and still hosts the huge flatbed and jig saws as well as fork lift truck! Much of the huge collection of theatrical and event tents and carnival props has already made it over but a sizable portion remains at the old Pepys Estate store, though before bringing that over the dust must go! See you down there over the next week, take a mask.


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