Visited Wikimania festival in Barbican Halls to update on all thinks wiki, Wikipedia and ‘the culture’. It’s been a while now since attempting to use the tallbastard account set up in 2007 though that’s now an ‘unsuitable username’ so had to make a new one.

wikimaniaOf the many sessions and plenaries three items stood out; Peter Murray Rust delivered a passionate call for all to fully adopt wikipedia for journal publication and publish all science research outcomes as well as it’s failures.

Histropedia launched their timeline toolbox for visualisation of wikidata and which is a tidy solution soon to gather a storm of interest. We also see the huge potential for it’s use in a range of locally grown archive initiatives like MayDay Rooms. Finally in a session for Visualeditor we had a view on the next steps for mediawiki toward collaborative editing solutions with wide reaching benefits for all interested in use of wikidata .

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