Gleaning NX

SPC began working with New Cross Learning in Jan 2015 supporting the free internet access suite and improving on network infrastructure. The 10 fast workstations in the suite run windows 7 and restore to a clean version after each restart. A timer on each PC logs visitors out after 2 hours and files copied to the desktop can be picked up and printed by librarians from the pc workstations on the counter.

We added four new PC’s in May 2015 that run Mint (linux)not least to build up opensource awareness at NXL, but facilitating public library services in a form that doesn’t compound operational costs but instead liberates visitors and librarians from the tyranny of Microsoft and Apple hegemony and introduces the alternatives of free libre and open source software (FLOSS).

Perhaps the future for these resources could take a leaf from the examples at History of the World or Aaarg at the public school project, where huge collections quality publications are represented and available for download.

A stack of legacy Lewisham council PC’s sit in the basement awaiting disposal though all the other computer workstation remnants, screens and keyboards have been removed and redistributed. Other libraries in the borough are occupied and run by Eco Computers who are renown for recycling and refurbishment out of the Pepys Resource Centre, but YT’s recent attempts to make contact again there have failed. Where else can we take redundant PC’s for ecological disposal? The pile of IT crap fro the 80’s, 90’s and naughties is piled in mountains somewhere. I think we have what left of the ‘teens over at bitspace. Please join us for the weekly wednesday workshop, but please don’t bring anything older than 2010!

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