Fibonacci Bluesky

YT stood on this roof for about an hour yesterday and shot images whilst scanning for RedRaw Internet radios in case we could forge a link up to serve the tenants of Fibi House. In an area so well endowed with ‘world class’ architecture and positioned there in the heart of the City on London you may be surprised to hear how poorly it is serviced with ADSL broadband. No FTTC available? Well, not really shocked but it is curious how much of the UK has yet to be equipped with last century service let alone ready meet current expectations.


Wireless infrastructure ? Well, your well laid plan for rooftop spanning will come to nothing when that new 21 story building completely blocks the light and line of sight to your preferred connectivity vendor. (see conspicuous red crane in this shot!)

Fibre of course would be the preferred choice but with spaces on short leases and with little patience for the continuity issues of managed broadband, many landlords cut the umbilical of any existing service at the end of term and assume each new tenant will plumb their own new (minimum) 3 year fibre contract on moving in or struggle with legacy copper connections. They don’t treat the water and electrical supply in this way so they simply don’t understand the issues. It’s a huge business opportunity so expect we will hear more and more about it before long. Meanwhile many customers are left with little alternative to the clusterfuck of bonding 2, 5, 8 and even 13 ADSL lines to meet the capacity needs of their voice and date networks, with diminishing returns.

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