Do What?

omvFor those collating archive materials, scanning images, artwork and transposing texts there are anxieties around storage and protection of the accumulating material that we would like to dispel so that further review and re-presentation can be well supported.

Last month we set up a Synology diskstation 212j a twin drive NAS product to provide MayDay Rooms with project archive space and backup storage for office desktop pc’s. So far it presents no shortage of services to allow for flexible access and publishing but we are still looking at some open source distributions to improve options.

slaxThe best looking of these is OpenMediaVault which is based on Debian linux and can be installed from CD or USB drive onto SD, HDD or run as a Virtual Machine. We are still keen on reusing the many desktop PC’s which otherwise get left to one side in favour of faster hardware but which in most cases surpass the spec of commercial NAS products.

We also spent a week looking at SLAX which reminds me of the BLAG (brixton linux action group) of over a decade ago.. and also boots from CD/USB in standalone or PXE server mode to offer lightweight desktop re-activation of legacy hardware that may well usurp the bloated mainstream linux distributions we normally recommend!

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