DIWO virtual

FF-gallerySPC currently helping Furtherfield optimise network interlinking between Furtherfield Commons in Finbury Park, Drake Music and musician John Kelly.

This in preparation for a DIWO season of Virtual Studio experiments and performances starting in May 2015.

TB visited FF-Commons hosting the primary studio, to replace the lousy BT ADSL router with a more sturdy model, just 8mb/s down and less than 1mb/s up is best possible telco service available there. We checked the line of sight between FF-Gallery (capable of high speed FTTC) and FF-Commons.. looks good, so recommended install of a 5ghz wireless ‘bridge’ for up to 300mb/s link up asap!

viewfromcommonsProject partners Drake Music will host a studio at their Old Nichol Street space. We helped resolve their long term network access issues with introduction of a powerline startup kit (ethernet over power) which links the studio without need for cable installation. a new gigabit switch and bag of ethernet cables to link their PC’s instead of wireless will liberate their day to day workflow!

Artistically the project will be led by John Kelly, who will work with 3 other musicians, including Roger Mills. John works from his SW London homestudio which already has fast FTTC service in place so is ready to make a start in early May.

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