Pushing forward into 2018, SPC pleased to confirm take up of The Uniform room in Old Police Station, Deptford to continue project support and network development as

After a decade supporting the network infrastructure at OPS we were surprised and delighted to be offered this great space on the second floor which we hope to hold until the building closes for refurbishment in 2020.

The haul of SPC equipment, tools and media library up those stairs continues as we round up the materials dropped into to basements and backrooms around the area during the quick exodus from The Borough Hall end of April 2018. It’s been a great opportunity to review the collection of ephemera, artist titles and tools, to sort the selected cables, computer parts and AV equipment into shape.

We have to keep it minimal as it’s less than a quarter of the previous scale. A secondary storeroom along the corridor has provided breathing space and potential edit annex. It’s a intriguing building that remains relatively untouched since the police moved into their new accommodation right next door. Over 40 studio spaces including five 20ft containers in the yard each interlinked and serviced over structured cable network for Ethernet access to fast independent broadband connection of Redraw Internet