Borough Hall

Stick your head through one of the projection apertures at Deckspace and you see this view of the Borough Hall, home of Greenwich Dance Agency. Its most regularly used for dance rehearsal, monthly cabaret and tea dances. It has a lovely sprung floor, large elevated stage area.. and a huge flown rig over the dance floor..

boroughhall09It’s an extraordinary building, featuring many secret corridors, rooms and hidden layers where one can feel quite disoriented, spooked out and then surprised by unexpected return to a familiar space  by new route.  At the end of the first floor corridor by ‘bitspace‘ is the Greenwich Dockland international Festival office where preparations are already underway for next years festival of performance, music and dance. Take the stairs down from there and around some twists and turns, you will find the ‘Common Room’ which took me a decade to discover!

Similarly, other users of the building are still discovering that we are resident. Protein dance have a room at the top of one stair case 5th floor not physically far from Deckspace and visited the Wireless Wednesday Workshop for the first time last week, to seek rescue for an ailing office PC. More surprises in store for the future, perhaps you would like to take a tour?