Daft Drudger

Over a decade of webhosting and subscriber support at Deckspace we have from time to time faced difficulties. The last week of August was a shock to the system as scheduled migration of subscriber domains went badly and it’s taken ages for everything to settle down. So apologies if your website was offline or if you landed at an unfamiliar page.

The effected domains are 120years, Consume, Dataunion, Exploding Cinema, Hivenetworks, Moylondon, lisa-bennett, Mutantfilm, Piratetv, Raylab, WirelessFM to name but a few!

Many of the SPC subdomains like OWN, Fuller and Storysacks were also effected so apologies to all effected!

Many thanks to Garry and Ellis of RedRawinternet, now hosting SPC subscriber domains, for his generous support and tenacity in the face of so much chaos.

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