Dada the people

titandisobeycroppedcontrastDisaster struck SPC hosted domains this September, when the entire virtually hosted drive array at Redraw Internet vanished ! To keep things rolling in the interim we refreshed to direct traffic and more accurately represent it’s umbrella role for SPC.

90% of the damaged data has been recovered but it has been a lengthy and painful experience for all. Special thanks and appreciation to Garry Beale our long suffering connection supplier and web host. Ellis Melman was also vital to the process and without whom, repair may never have been possible. A restructuring of the hosting infrastructure, backup process and disaster recovery plan have now been completed to help us avoid a repeat performance. Jeez!

Some domains have been entirely lost (eek), with only six month old backups available. Faced with this reality in the past, we have all experienced the emotional sense of loss which quickly passes. Some things just can’t be replaced and this is most regrettable, so level out those stress points and distribute the load, back up often and practice recovery.

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