Contending NRG

Despite the spike in awareness anti-fracking movement has stimulated, the ongoing call for dialogue on the issues has yet to find it’s full voice. seeks to overturn that with a fresh campaign to encourage open exchange, expose the bullying and challenge misdirection of information in a series of public events where both sides of the debate can express their interests
and understanding.

Nothing seems to have pissed people off more lately than the headlong rush of government and industry toward fracking in the UK. The issues of ground water pollution, surface disruption and greenhouse emissions are well documented but have failed to alarm the wider population to the dangers. Our ongoing lethargy is their best bet to ensure the imminent nationwide free for all.

Private interests and institutional anxiety over energy independence have exacerbated friction in the east. As the old arguments stack up on the Russian border the overall feeling of exploitation and manipulation on all sides compounds the rather sickening feelings of dread as we all face realities of our wasteful existences and environmental incompetence.

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