Babylon Sunset

resyncathenscrewNovember starts with a week away for TB and Adnan in Greece where reSync will attend the New Babylon Revisited event at Goethe Institut Athen to work with locals and users of the AWMN to explore file synchronisation during Restreet workshops on 7th and 8th.

Meanwhile we have been striving to tidy up both the rambling resource library and the longer term installations at Deckspace. In the run up to the end of our 13th year at Borough Hall we are set on a campaign of clear up and clear out of unusable cruft.

As a result there is now a growing pile of redundant PC’s, aged wifi access equipment, sound systems and cables to dispose of. Please join us during the first week of December from Wednesday to Wednesday for a rummage through what’s there and if it suits you take away stuff you fancy after-which we will have to clear these out to liberate the storage area and allow some breathing space to accommodate fresh material the new year might bring us.

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