Audience Networked

SPC is technical partner of a Nesta Eol Digital Fund application with lead organisation 4C and research by SOAS. It’s aim is to identify with makers and audiences of documentary films and to facilitate a wider engagement in distribution, screening and afterglow.

Whilst acknowledging the array of complimentary web services and physical resources already available we have identified vital aspects of the interaction process that have remained out of reach and seek to bring new insights and activities into effect.

Where screenings can succeed in exposing film-work, promoting discussion and animating ideas they can’t account for the progression of a film’s impact, identify the growing audience, account for it’s distribution or celebrate its successes in the wild.

We propose the building of new components that contribute to the public record, develop screening opportunities and promote audience interaction and engagement in those processes. This may take the form of website or application for social media collaboration.

It’s form will present the path from production to presentation and invite audience to stake it’s account and experience in the public record, promote further comment and to celebrate commitment with action.

Our contribution will be to coordinate a technical delivery of these tools for the use of film makers, distributors and audience alike. A solution like the songkick live music listings website, attuned to track audience attention and film screening by venue.


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