Adhere to this

Strands of the recent ‘offline networks’ panel @ Transmediale, prove to be of ongoing fascination as this meme builds momentum.

Projects like Superglue and Qaul shed contrasting light on the needs of open wireless networks with their respective software developments.

tp-link-tl-wr710nOur very own SuperGlue-SPC unit is in use during weekly Wireless Wednesday Workshop at bitspace. Here is Danja presenting Superglue at recent floss4p2p event in London. It’s firefox and chrome plug-in enables live WYSIWYG editing of html and image upload via the web browser. Your graphics, text and custom code can be customised to extend the basic web hosting and page authoring functionality on offer.

Qual software is available for most operating systems and will build you a spontaneous mesh network, reconfiguring the network adapters of your local PC’s for wired and wireless connections interlinking peers automagically. This level of network infrastructure manipulation won’t be to everyone’s taste but is very progressive thinking.

qaul-net-wlanWe are looking forward to working with these systems and more during MAZI project research later this year should funding allow.

If you can’t follow all this, please get in touch!

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